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  • The Congregation Kol Ami Fund Family

    The funds below each represent a specific way to help the congregation. You can split your donation between the funds or dedicate the entire donation to one fund. Please express your donation in actual dollars, not percentages (0.00 format). Your total donation will be added below. You have an option to pay by card, pay by check or have the office contact you to make arrangements. In all cases, the office will contact you and confirm your donation and you will receive a receipt.
  • Our broadest based general fund helps sustain the congregation by underwriting operational and other expenses. Please express 0.00 format.
  • Helps fund our religious and Hebrew schools, adult education an other educational programming. Please express 0.00 format.
  • A special fund enabling the rabbi to support specific community needs. Please express 0.00 format.
  • Helps fund Religious Ritual, Cemetery, Prayer Book acquisition and Torah maintenance. Please express 0.00 format.
  • Help maintain our beautiful synagogue. Please express 0.00 format.
  • Help us build an enduring endowment to help fund our community into the future. Please express 0.00 format.
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