Make a lasting contribution.

Today, we often think the word Tzdakah means charity, but the term originates outside of benevolence and generosity to the poor and needy. In the Torah, tzedakah means” righteous behavior” and justice. In Jewish thought and tradition, material support for those in need is not a matter of compassion beyond what is expected, but a term that implies that it is a requirement.

There are many Biblical and theological references to the value of tzedakah. The rabbis of classical Judaism said it was equal to all the other mitzvot. Rosh Hashanah liturgy lists tzedakah alongside repentance and prayer as a human act capable of averting a negative divine decree.

Donating money beyond paying dues to Congregation Kol Ami can help defray the cost of a celebration of a B’nai Mitzvah, wedding reception or a funeral for those who cannot afford them. It can help ensure that there are prayer books for everyone during services. It can make sure the CKA religious schools have the supplies needed to maintain our award-winning programs.

We invite you to ensure the continuity of the programs at CKA that you enjoy and those that will be there when you need them.