The mission of CKA religious school is to impart Jewish identity, values and to engage students in the quest for knowledge and understanding as well as to provide a sense of community and connection.  In doing this Kol Ami provides opportunities for spiritual growth and character development.  We emphasize Jewish thought, customs, liturgy, history, Hebrew language and holidays.  We strive to create a strong sense of community in a warm supportive and enjoyable atmosphere, where  students can explore their Jewish identity.

Religious School, Grades K-8

Sunday mornings, 10:00-12:15, September through May

The Kol Ami Religious School is a place where students are provided with a solid foundation of Jewish knowledge so that they can develop an appreciation of the teachings, practices, and values that make up our tradition. Each session is carefully crafted so that our children are engaged throughout the morning in activities that stir their curiosity, satisfy their desire to know, and respect their need to question.

For many of our students, Religious School is the only place where they are with other Jewish children. We are their connection to the Jewish community beyond their families and homes. We are pleased to provide a warm and joyful Jewish “home away from home”.

The Kol Ami Religious School keeps students engaged in experiential and creative learning in small classes where students are able to build community with each other and also find role models and mentors in their teachers. Curriculum in kindergarten through 8th grade centers around the study of Torah, Israel, life cycle events, and mitzvot.

For the 5777 school year there will be an emphasis on family education with four exciting, interactive, and inter-generational Yom Mishpacha sessions. These sessions are designed to enable students to learn in same-age learning circles while parents engage in study together. Students and parents come back together to discuss a topic, create a project, or participate in a mitzvah project based on their study sessions. Studying together as a family, among peers, and with other parents increases community and builds a strong Jewish identity.  This year Yom Mishpacha sessions will center around holidays: Sukkot, Tu B’Shevat, Purim, and exploring the Sholshim Regalim  (the pilgrimage holidays) at Pesach time.

Hebrew School, Grades 4-7/8

Thursday afternoons, 4:30-6:00, Mid-October through May

Hebrew is a fundamental skill that is essential for our students’ full participation in Jewish life. By the time they are finished with our Hebrew School program, we expect them to be accurate and fluent Hebrew readers, familiar with the structure of the Shabbat evening and morning services and the content of key blessings and prayers, and skilled at reading and chanting Torah so that they can participate in services as adult members of the congregation.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Students preparing for bar and bat mitzvah spend their final year of Hebrew School with the Rabbi. In that class they add to their knowledge of the Shabbat morning prayers, and prepare their Torah and Haftarah portions while also mastering the trope (cantillation system). They will also meet privately with the Rabbi to write their own d’var Torah.

In order to ensure that our students have not only gained the skills necessary for leading a Shabbat service but are also familiar with Jewish communal life and values, we also have specific requirements for their attendance at erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning services, Shabbat morning Torah study sessions, and for participation in a mitzvah project.